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September 01 2012

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Fergie is definitely an American singer and songwriter. Her real name is Stacy Ann Ferguson, but she is popularly known in the music world by her stage name Fergie. Glamorous will be the third single from her debut solo album The Duchess. Fergie is also the vocalist of hip hop group The Black Eyed Peas; she's another former member of the group Wild Child. Just like the title with the song suggests, the song as well as the album is focused on the glamorous life how the singer leads. Inside the video with the song she efforts to show how her lifetime is different after she became successful. The recording goes on to show how she actually is has not changed despite all the success she ahs seen and achieved. The song ended up being a huge hit in many places. Born in Whittier California, with a catholic family, she'd a really strict catholic upbringing during her childhood.


Glamorous by Fergie debuted at number 98 in the usa Billboard Hot 100, in the middle of January 2007. The song attainted the original peak position of number 9, within five weeks following the song's release. It helps her in taking on third top ten solo hit over a period of six months. Though the next week the song Glamorous plummeted towards the thirty third positions in the ninth, this can be one of the biggest drops in a album in a single week. On 19th February, the song entered the UK singles chart at number 56. The admission to great britain singles chart is credited largely for the large numbers of downloads with the song. Then the song Glamorous climbed dup to number 10 from 10 after the song was released there.

Fergie has her very own fan following which is huge in number. The video of Glamorous shows how she's got changed after becoming successful and at the same time also shows that she has not forgotten what she was earlier. In a single portion of the video she's shown flying in the first class section of an airplane where she watches her won video. It alternately shows how she was earlier and how she leads her lifetime now after becoming successful. She then rides on the waiting limo after landing and the vehicle drives in through a junk food restaurant. There's a transition inside the video currently and she or he is shown in her own earlier days when she utilized to drive within with her friends in a convertible Mustang.


The transformation shown within the video is performed gradually to ensure that you can now identify with what she is telling from the song as well as the video. The lyrics with the song depict this perfectly. Fergie has won several awards; some of them are the Best Rap Performance with a Duo or Group. Fergie music may be downloaded many number of times know what's even better about this is that on this strength just the song has topped several charts.

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